Murcia Golf Courses – The Best Selection for Golfers

murcia golf courses

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Murcia is located in the south-east of Spain. The place has quite a vast coastline with outstanding beaches, and this geography makes it an ideal place to visit on holiday. Apart from the beautiful beaches, Murcia has a rich history and other attractions like the beautiful golf courses for sports lovers. The Murcia golf region is one of the European destinations that provides top-quality courses. Here, professional golfers can put their skills to test in the massive 50km radius courses. The place also offers plenty of facilities for golfers that like to spend some quality time off the trail. The outstanding weather, combined with the top quality golf courses, makes it the best golf holiday destination for you. 

Here is a list of some of the best Murcia golf courses:

• La Manga South Course 

This championship course is located at the La Manga Club and is probably one of the reasonably challenging courses one can find. Its strategic location at the centre of the valley with wide fairways and water hazards, as well as the strategically placed bunkers, make the place great for golfing. The course is designed to provide systematic challenges to players of all levels and will punish any wayward shots. 

• La Manga North Course 

It’s designed as an outstanding championship course that spreads between the palm trees and lakes. The course also features natural storm gullies that add an extra element to the game, therefore, making the overall experience quite pleasant. The course is a bit shorter than the south course, but it offers a tighter fairway and larger greens. However, it is quite challenging due to the wide variety of water hazards spread through the course. 

• Lorca Golf Course 

This beautiful course is located in the foothills of Almenara Mountain. The golf course is only 10 minutes away from the brilliant beaches of Aguilas and the historic town of Lorca. It’s designed right below the beautiful landscape and is surrounded by a 60-hectare open land. The players at this course will face spectacular landscape challenges, dry ditches and strategically placed water hazards and bunkers, making it just as challenging as the other courses. The place has plenty of surprises and is designed to attract highly competitive tournaments. It provides a clear view of the mountains from either corner of the course. 

• Roda Golf Course 

This course is designed to be quite challenging, with lakes and bunkers placed on strategic locations of the holes. Unlike other courses, this one has a mixture of flowers and shrubs that create additional beauty to its landscapes. This landscaping design, combined with the well-positioned lakes, create quite a fantastic view of the scene. In addition, it enhances the golfing experience. Roda Golf Course is designed to meet all players’ expectations and is one of the best Murcia golf courses you will find. 


Murcia is among the best places you can go for golfing in Europe. The courses here have an excellent topology and are designed to make the game challenging. You can enjoy the game at Roda Golf Course, Lorca Golf Course, La Manga North Course, and La Manga South Course.