La Manga Club: The best golf course in Spain for the seventh consecutive year

best golf course in spain

Jan 31, 2018 Sin comentarios

For the seventh round now in seven years, La Manga Club in Murcia, south-east of Spain has been chosen as the best golf course in Spain. The eminent resort was crowned the best by Today’s Golfer – one of the top UK`s selling golf magazines. This was after the resort was voted in by a majority of the readers of Today’s Golfer.

Ever since the La Manga Club was launched, it has been winning the coveted title, and this year`s new accolade has just extended its outstanding record of being the best golf course in Spain. This confirms that the resort stands out as one of the most sought-after golf resorts in Europe. Apart from this, the win recognizes the degree to which the employees of the organization are committed. According to the readers who voted, 55% were happy with the golf facilities and services. What mainly puts the club at the top of the list is its magnificent training facility in addition to its 9 hole practise area and the three prestigious 18 hole golf courses. The golf courses include the La Manga West Golf Club, La Manga South Golf Club and the La Manga North Golf Club.

The La Manga West Golf Club

This La manga golf resort began operating in 1992. It is situated in a forest setting among the pines where the La Manga complex welcomes the golfers. This golf course, designed by Dave Thomas, is composed of more hills as compared to the other two. The tight twisting golf course has plenty of natural storms drains and of blind holes that have to be avoided. The environment generally makes it fun for the golfers and that is why it has rapidly become a favourite among the La Manga guests.

The La Manga South Golf Club

This golf club was opened in the year 1971, standing as the longest golf course which was given a new look by Arnold Palmer in the year 1992. This La Manga golf resort was later refurbished in 2004. It has plenty of long par-3s and par-5s and has even staged both women’s and men’s and Spanish PGA Championships. For many years, the course has also served as a home to the European Tour Q-School.

The La Manga North Golf Club

Among the La Manga Club resorts, this one receives the most traffic. This golf resort is characterised by lakes and palm trees which all make an interesting environment for the golfers and other visitors. Generally, the North has a more wobble surface than that of the South but is flatter as compared to the West golf course. However, The environment offers an ideal course for golf players of all types.

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