The Nightlife at La Manga

the nightlife in la manga

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The sun sets and La Manga comes to life. Residents and visitors alike are immediately immersed in a night of subtle partying and revelling. Quiet bars and restaurants, as well as vibrant clubs, are available in plenty to suit everyone’s needs. The stretch between Zoco and Plaza Bohemia, in particular, is the home of the popular chill spots. In addition, the people here are friendly and sociable. This is just a glimpse into what makes La Manga an idyllic place for fun-loving people. If you aren’t convinced yet, here’s a closer look at the La Manga-by-night experience. 

The Little Town of Cabo de Palos

This laid-back fishing village at the shores of the Mediterranean is nothing but quiet in the night with parties everywhere. There are two types of parties. The first one is the local party held to mark special occasions. An example is the sea procession party for the much older and religious folk. The other kind involves partying in the vibrant clubs found within the region. For the revellers, Cabo de Palos houses the most popular nightclubs that attract people by the boatloads, especially during summer. 

Mamaluna, formerly known as the Zeta, is one of such clubs. It has a terrace for those seeking to just chat away into the night while downing their favourite drinks. Back inside the club, the speakers bellow tunes of techno and dance that will get you dancing like never before. The place is easily accessible from La Manga by bus. It plies the route continuously during the summer evenings, particularly on Fridays and Saturdays. 

Where to be at Night

1. Bar Galactica

A good place to start your night out in La Manga would be at the Bar Galactica. It is both a bar and a café with an exquisite terrace that provides a great spot for an outdoor breakfast or a sundowner drink. 

2. Ya Te Vale

It is situated right at the hotspot of La Manga’s nightlife-Plaza Bohemia. Here, you get to swig your beer or wine at the backdrop of subtle indie music. It has a toned-down vibe for those trying to escape the craziness in the south of La Manga. 

3. Trips Summer Club

For a night of glamour and exhilarating disco life, this is the place to be. It has a spacey dance floor that allows you and your gang to dance yourselves silly. 

4. Bondi Beach

This bar targets a large number of party-goers with its airy setting. Local residents and visitors are treated to live music and dancing that lasts the entire night. The playlists are varied in the interest of the different ages that visit the club. 

Families are also covered in La Manga with a slew of resorts, restaurants, and pubs around Zoco and Plaza Bohemia. Most of these offer kids dishes and parties too. If you want to spend a romantic night with your partner, you can make use of the babysitting services offered by most of the hotels in the vicinity of La Manga. Clearly, one can never grow bored in La Manga. So why not get a property in Cabo de Palos and experience all that as frequently as you want.