9 Health Benefits of Sea Water

benefits of sea water

May 19, 2021 Sin comentarios

The health benefits of sea water have been known for centuries. The Egyptians, Romans, Grecians and Victorians bathed and swam in the sea to cure ailments and improve beauty. Ocean water contains different minerals such as magnesium, sodium, chloride and sulphate which are the key to the health benefits. It has also been noted that submersing the body into cold water increases circulation, provides an endorphin high and boosts the immune system. The use of sea water as a therapy is called thalassotherapy. Many top spas offer thalassotherapy as a treatment – so a trip to the seaside in as good as time spent in a spa.

1. With antiseptic qualities, one of the benefits of sea water on skin is the ability to cleanse and clear. Acne, ulcers and sores are cleaned in the salty water and dry up speedily. 

2. The presence of sodium assists with the healing process. Cuts, wounds and rashes look improved after time in the sea, and scars begin to diminish more quickly.

3. The minerals in the sea help to soothe psoriasis, eczema and other itchy conditions with the skin looking clearer and more healthy after a swim in the ocean. 

4. Another of the benefits of sea water on skin is an improved complexion. The water soaks up any excess oils, exfoliates dead skin cells, hydrates and reduces blemishes. It also closes pores for a smoother skin surface.

5. The natural beauty and the weight of the water help to calm anxiety sufferers when swimming in open sea. The sound of waves help the mind and body as a deeper sense of relaxation is achieved. 

6. Sea water can clear out sinuses. After salt water has entered up the nose, a great deal of snot and mucus is released as it washes out the sinuses leaving them clearer and more comfortable.

7. Washing away a build-up of products is just one of the benefits of sea water on hair. The sea strips away the layers quickly, leaving drier hair that is completely cleansed. Rinsing off the salt is essential to stop hair feeling sticky.

8. Minerals are absorbed into the scalp when swimming, which is another of the benefits of sea water on hair. Itchy scalps and dandruff can be helped.

9. Red and white blood cells increase in the blood stream after swimming in the cold sea which helps correct weaker immune systems, anaemia and high blood sugar.