5 Benefits of living near the beach

benefits of living near the beach

Oct 08, 2018 Sin comentarios

It is just wonderful. It´s marvelous to go to sleep with the relaxing sound of the ocean and wake up still listening to it. No more traffic, pollution or stress; living near the beach is the solution to improve substantially your quality of life. Having that dream house just by the ocean will bring you numerous benefits, not just for your health, but also for your mood, longevity and awareness of your surroundings.
Here are five benefits of living near the beach:

1. Improves the health of your joints

When we walk or run, our joints and bones receive an impact in each step, but when we make this activity on wet sand, just by the seashore, the impact is significantly less, that allows a better exercise, without harming our joints and in the long term, we will have excellent benefits, even improving our heath.

2. Prevents the retention of liquids

Living near the beach will give you easy access to activities such as swimming and scuba diving. These activities are widely recommended to persons with problems of liquid retention on their legs, since water exerts light pressure on the corporal tissues, promotes movement and eliminates de excess of liquid. This also benefits blood circulation in all your body.

3. Reduces respiratory problems

Every single day you will be breathing the sea breeze, and this contains iodine and marine salts, which helps to decongest the respiratory tract. Also, this kind of environment helps to reduce infections of the respiratory system.

4. Beauty

Sea water will keep your skin glowing thanks to the oxygenation it receives. Also your hair will look much better, since the salt water and its elements will benefit the health of the scalp.

5. Healthy, relaxed environment

Living in an area were sensory experiences are harmonized benefits our mood and this immediately impacts on a more relaxed life and we can make healthier decisions, like doing more exercise, eating better, drinking more water, and sleeping 8 hours daily. And this will undoubtedly lead us to live a full and much happier life.